Tips for Dealing with Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the toughest parts of drug rehab is enduring withdrawal symptoms. This is especially true if you decide to quit illegal drug usage on your own, or have recently left the confines of a drug rehabilitation center. However, there are certain tricks you can try to make it less of a pain. Here are three of them:

Drink More Water

Most substances are expelled through urine, so drinking more water helps your body flush toxins out at a higher rate. At the same time, more water in your system keeps cells hydrated and active, leaving you less drowsy. It’s also effective if you develop constipation.

Pleasant Distractions

Irritability and restlessness are common symptoms. Take your mind off of your cravings by listening to relaxing music. You can also try drinking herbal teas and lighting incense to help calm down your nerves.

Stock Up on Medicine

Headaches and body pain are likely to pester you early and often. You can counter these aches and pains by taking ibuprofen. Be sure to stock up on meds; the last thing you want to do is have to go through traffic because you’ve run out of medicine.

Professional Therapists

You don’t always have to check yourself into a rehab center to get help. Many institutions offer outpatient consultation with therapists. A session every other week can help you identify other ways to cope with withdrawal symptoms.